Legal Scoop on Southwest Florida Real Estate

Legal Scoop on Southwest Florida Real Estate

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Flip, Flop – Beware Short Sale Scams

Posted in Short Sale
By now most everyone knows that a short sale occurs where the proceeds from the sale of a property are less than the debt owed on the property. Short sales have seen rapid growth recently as both investors and lenders turn to them as a way to maximize returns over foreclosure sales. As short sales [&hellip… Continue Reading

Short Sales: Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Posted in Real Estate, Short Sale
“Short sales” deserve attention as we continue focusing on opportunities in a down real estate market. As you probably know, a short sale is where the current lender agrees to release property from the lien of the mortgage in exchange for less than the outstanding mortgage debt. Shorts sales gain popularity as owners owe more [&hellip… Continue Reading