On October 1, 2015, various revisions to the Bert J. Harris, Jr., Private Property Rights Act will take effect. On October 1, among other things, the definitions of “property owner” and “real property” will change as set forth in Chapter 2015-142 Laws of Florida. The changes may limit the reach of the Second District Court of Appeal’s decision that expanded the rights of property owners in Southwest Florida since “property owner” will mean “the person who holds legal title to the real property that is the subject of and directly impacted by the action of a governmental entity.” The FINR II, Inc. v. Hardee County decision held that the Bert Harris Act provided a cause of action to owners of real property “inordinately burdened and diminished in value due to governmental action directly taken against an adjacent property.” With the change in definition effective October 1, it seems the impact of the FINR II decision may be short-lived.

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