According to The American Heritage Dictionary, Second College Edition, the word “fight” has several meanings, including

[t]o stand up against something or assert oneself.”

Recently, as a nation, we celebrated the 241st anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. We are justly proud of that independence. The signers, and other heroes, stood against tyranny and asserted themselves for liberty.

It took a fight to achieve that independence.  It has taken many other fights since then to preserve it.

Recently, I attended a fight of a different sort, to watch a friend compete in a mixed martial arts tournament. My friend, Izzy Lara, pursued a very aggressive strategy, practically sprinting to his opponent in order to begin striking as soon as possible. The strategy paid off, and Izzy took the featherweight champion belt.

What is the common thread? It’s the fighting spirit; the love of liberty and the passion for action.

As a property owner, you may need to fight against government authorities seeking to take your property. Don’t be afraid to preserve your property rights. Take action by questioning the government’s need for your property. By exercising your rights, you help preserve our democracy.