road construction.jpg.jpgThe Florida Department of Transportation (“FDOT”) continues to move forward with its plans to widen State Road 82 along the 23-mile long stretch that runs through portions of three counties in Southwest Florida, including Lee County. Widening State Road 82 raises a number of issues that may affect area residents and motorists. Most importantly, widening should improve traffic safety. That’s critical, given recent traffic accidents. Widening may also bring delays during construction. If you own property needed for right-of-way, widening will bring you to the attention of FDOT. In that case, it’s a good idea to be prepared.

As you will know if you read my March 13, 2013 post, the widening project is made up of seven segments. My March 13 post explored the first segment, which runs from Colonial/Lee Boulevard to Shawnee Road in Lee County. In today’s post, we’ll explore the second segment, which runs from Shawnee Road to Alabama Road in Lee County.

You can see a map of the Shawnee Road to Alabama Road segment of the State Road 82 widening project hereThis segment is roughly 3.2 miles long and, if you have ever driven on this part of State Road 82, you will know that, like the first segment, there are few structures immediately adjacent to State Road 82. The exception is the service station/convenience store located at the northwest corner of the intersection of State Road 82 and Sunshine Boulevard.

Like the Colonial/Lee Boulevard to Shawnee Road segment, the Shawnee Road to Alabama Road segment will be expanded from two lanes to six lanes. FDOT plans to install a median, and each of the six lanes will be 12 feet wide. In addition, FDOT plans to install inside and outside paved shoulders, along with a sidewalk on the north side of State Road 82, and a “shared-use” path running along the south side of State Road 82.

According to FDOT’s project website, there are five phases for this widening project:  planning, the Project Development & Environment Study, design, right-of-way acquisition, and construction. The Shawnee Road to Alabama Road segment of the project has progressed to the design phase. The next phase will be right-of-way acquisition, and the final phase will be construction, although FDOT has stated that neither of those phases have been funded, yet. As a result, FDOT has not scheduled a tentative date for right-of-way acquisition or construction to begin. The FDOT’s website contains more information about the project’s progress.

Stay turned to our blog for future developments on the Shawnee Road to Alabama Road segment of the State Road 82 widening project. In my next post, I will highlight the segment of the project that runs from Alabama Road to Homestead Road in Lee County.