As those of us with school-aged children start frantically counting our last days until the new semester begins, we can be reminded that it is also that time of year when the county property appraisers begin to mail out the annual TRIM notices to notify taxpayers within their jurisdictions of the proposed property taxes for the current tax year.

Most property appraisers mail out the TRIM notices in mid-August, which starts the appeal period. There is a fairly narrow window to file an appeal to your TRIM, with the appeal period ending early-to-mid September. The exact date can vary by jurisdiction so be sure to look closely at your TRIM notice to determine when your appeal period ends. Thankfully, many jurisdictions have streamlined the appeal process, with many counties allowing now for online filing of appeals. Again, you will need to check your TRIM notice to determine whether your county offers this.

With the Southwest Florida real estate market rebounding, you are likely to see some slight increases in your property values. Be sure to check the information listed for your property to ensure that all information is correct and current to avoid any mistakes in your assessment.

For those of you in or near Cape Coral, consider attending the Cape Coral Construction Industry Association August 8th dinner meeting where TRIM notices will be briefly discussed. For more details, see registration flyer: CCCIA 2013 August Dinner Meeting Flyer.pdf.