It’s that time of year again – the time we rush to our mailboxes to see if today’s the day we receive our TRIM (truth in millage) notices from the Lee County Property Appraiser showing our proposed property taxes for 2011.

Generally, the TRIMs are mailed mid-to-late August and contain a lot of information you should be aware of. Specifically, once you receive your TRIM, take notice of the following:

  • the proposed assessed value of your property;
  • the deadline to file any challenges administratively – this date is 25 days from the date the TRIM is mailed so you don’t have a lot of time;
  • the dates of hearing for any particular taxing authority if you disagree with the proposed tax rate; and
  • be sure your property address and STRAP (parcel identification) number are correct – otherwise, you may pay tax on the wrong property!

It is also important to note whether any exemptions you may qualify for have been correctly applied. Your TRIM will contain contact information for Property Appraiser staff who can assist you with specific questions you may have. Henderson Franklin’s Land Use attorneys may also be able to assist you with any appeals you may decide to file.