Not only have single family home prices increased, but inventory has decreased, spurring an increase in lot purchases in anticipation of new home construction. The return of single family home construction in Cape Coral will result in new jobs, increased wealth into the area and improvement in the economy.

The median sales price for Cape Coral and Fort Myers single family homes increased 20%, comparing November 2011 with November 2010 figures, according to the Florida Sales Report

Consistent with this report, the Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce reported the average sale price of a Cape Coral home was $120,000 in December 2010 and was $147,000 in December 2011, which numbers are similar to the November comparisons. Here are some additional figures to consider:




Vacant lot sales increased 23%







December 2010

December 2011

Single family home listings decreased 43%



    Short sale listings



    REO listings*



    Traditional listings



  *REO listings are homes that were foreclosed and are now lender owned.

With a 43% decrease in singe family home listings from December 2010 to December 2011 and a 20% increase in the median sales price, Cape Coral, Florida is looking brighter! As always, we are available to help you with the sale or purchase of real property should you need legal assistance.