The Board of Lee County Commissioners is set to consider proposed changes to county impact fees for schools, regional and community parks, EMS and fire services. The Board will hear the item at its regularly-scheduled public hearing on April 10th at 9:30 a.m. in Commission chambers.

You can access the impact fee studies on the county’s Department of Community Development website at Highlights of the studies include:

  • A decrease in school impact fees of 5%
  • An increase in fire impact fees for retail and office uses
  • A decrease in fire impact fees for all other uses
  • An increase in regional park impact fees of 5%
  • A decrease in EMS impact fees for all uses except warehouse and motel/hotel uses

For all those interested in this often controversial matter, tune in or show up to the April 10th meeting to voice your opinions or observe the Board’s actions on these proposals.