delinquent assessments

Since the real estate meltdown which began in 2006, many condominium and homeowner associations have struggled with a significant increase in delinquent assessments. Any money received by an association from a delinquent owner helps, and many associations were willing to work out payment plans with such owners.

Many of the delinquencies were the result of the large number of foreclosures in many communities and the time lenders were taking to complete the foreclosure. Often, many years passed while a home was in foreclosure and usually the assessments were unpaid during the entire time. While the situation is improving with the recovering real estate economy, there are still thousands of pending foreclosures in Florida and many owners still delinquent in assessments.

Sometimes a condominium or homeowner association can look to the new owner for payment of all outstanding delinquent assessments. (When and if an association can bill the new owner is beyond the scope of this article.) Sometimes the new owner may not know they can be liable for all past due assessments.Continue Reading “Let’s Make a Deal”: Dangers of Condominium and Homeowner Associations Accepting Partial Payments for Delinquent Assessments