The Florida Legislature recently adopted House Bill 7207 which drastically changes the landscape of Florida’s Growth Management procedures. The bill itself comprises 349 pages (the majority of which deals with matters unrelated to growth management) and the drastic changes it proposes are too numerous to cover in a blog entry. A sampling of some of

Spring is in the air, which means our elected state officials are in Tallahassee diligently considering, debating, and hopefully, actually reading thousands of proposed bills. The 60-day regular session began on Tuesday, March 8, and there are several draft bills that may have an effect on developers, property owners, and professionals involved in real estate and land development. Jay Brady, who covers state and local government issues for Gulf Coast Business Review, recently wrote an informative article regarding some of these bills, entitled “Business Bills to Watch.” It’s an excellent collection of proposed bills that deserve attention from the business community.

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The landscape of Florida has seen rapid change over the last several decades, and none has been more drastic that the urbanization and development of Florida’s farms and agricultural areas. With increased development comes higher property values and increased property taxes. In an effort to assist farmers and agricultural landowners, the Florida Legislature passed bills

The 2009 Florida Legislature’s attempt to provide some relief to the development community met its demise in a Tallahassee circuit court. Circuit Judge Charles Francis’ order of Final Summary Judgment, entered on August 26, 2010, declared Senate Bill 360 unconstitutional as a violation of Article VII, Section 18(a) of the Florida Constitution, which prohibits the

Each year, the legislature makes changes to the laws regulating condominium, cooperative, and homeowner associations.  This year, many of the legislative changes were intended to address the unique problems which arose as a result of the severely depressed housing market and the effect it has had on these associations. This article summarizes some of legislative changes that took effect on July 1.
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