Gated community associations are perceived as being safer communities, which attracts homeowners who are willing to pay a premium to feel safer in their homes. However, sometimes the expectation of having a high degree of security can backfire when a crime occurs within the gates.

We have seen an uptick in negligent security cases. Criminals will be criminals, and they find ways to exploit gaps in security measures. Homeowners who have taken their security for granted because of the gate and walls may be lax in taking personal precautions to protect themselves– leaving doors unlocked, not turning on security alarms, not being as vigilant when outside at night. Such oversight may result in the homeowner becoming a victim of a crime. Looking for deep pockets, the homeowner victims in some cases have sued their association for not having provided the security the homeowner claims they expect and have been guaranteed.Continue Reading Gated Communities: How Associations Can Reduce Liability for Neighborhood Crimes