Contracts.jpgNon-compliance with Florida Statute §720.401 can be fatal to the closing of a purchase and sale contract. Given the current real estate climate, sellers of residential property cannot afford to lose a sale, or become involved in a lawsuit due to mistakes associated with the required homeowner’s association disclosure (“Disclosure”) specified in such statute. By understanding the law and being aware of the mistakes, a seller and his/her agent can increase the odds of closing a sale without an adverse surprise.

The Law

Florida Statute Section 720.401, requires owners of real property subject to a homeowner’s association(s), to deliver to a potential purchaser the Disclosure prior to contract execution. The form of the Disclosure must be substantially in the same form as identified in the statute.


As a practical matter, the Disclosure is seldom signed before contract execution because the selling agent does not typically know of all the required assessment information to be included in Continue Reading Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes on Florida HOA Disclosures

Each year, the legislature makes changes to the laws regulating condominium, cooperative, and homeowner associations.  This year, many of the legislative changes were intended to address the unique problems which arose as a result of the severely depressed housing market and the effect it has had on these associations. This article summarizes some of legislative changes that took effect on July 1.
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