Henderson Franklin was honored to sponsor 2021 Market Trends, which took place on March 9, 2021, with speakers Randy Thibaut, founder of Land Solutions, Inc., Denny Grimes, President of Denny Grimes & Team at Keller Williams Realty, and Stan Stouder, founding partner of CRE Consultants, LLC. The presentation discussed the real estate market over the last year in Southwest Florida. The following provides a summary of the event and what the speakers forecast the market to look like in the coming year. The report focused on three areas of the market: new construction, the resale sector, and commercial real estate.

Overall, 2020 saw sluggish growth in the first part of the year, as the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic injected fear into the market. The second half of the year saw tremendous rebounds in the residential sector. These rebounds were largely due to increasingly stringent and long-lasting shutdowns in Northern states, which brought thousands of new homebuyers to Southwest Florida.

New Construction Residential Market

In terms of the new construction market, 2020 saw an initial dip in the early part of the year, but, overall, the total number of new building permits amongst Lee, Collier and Charlotte counties increased an average of 16% across the board. Charlotte County saw the most growth with a 28% increase in new building permits.

Individual communities are also seeing tremendous growth. Leading the way in Southwest Florida was Babcock Ranch with 533 new building permits issued to various builders in 2020. However, prices for new construction, along with rent prices, rose throughout 2020, indicating that supply cannot match demand.Continue Reading The State of Southwest Florida Real Estate – A Recap of 2021 Market Trends

Denny Grimes
Denny Grimes

As a Southwest Florida business professional, your business likely ebbs and flows with the local real estate market. When demand is freely flowing, business flourishes and you can concentrate your focus on accomplishing what is in front of you. However, when it ebbs, businesses often need to consider whether

Market Watch 2016Tuesday night’s sold out Market Watch 2016 event was held at the Harborside Event Center with over 1,100 attendees and featured presentations from real estate experts Randy Thibaut, Denny Grimes, and Stan Stouder.

Mr. Thibaut announced a 44% increase over the last year in building permits for Lee, Collier, and Charlotte Counties. Importantly, he reminded attendees that a large portion of the permits were apartment and assisted living units, which have been “white hot” in Southwest Florida lately. In fact, the Lee County apartment market is one of the best in the nation and has increased eight fold from 2014 to 2016, according to Mr. Stouder’s statistics.

Increase in Multi-Family Housing Continue Reading Market Watch 2016: “Tapping the Brakes on the Real Estate Market” in Southwest Florida