sold flickr MarkMoz12Selling or buying a home within an association may not be as simple as buyer offers and seller accepts.

In Florida, condominium and homeowners’ associations may require potential buyers to submit an application to the association before allowing the buyer to close on the property. A buyer’s failure to timely submit an application to a governing association could delay closing.

Here are a few tips for anyone looking to buy or sell a home governed by an association:

  1. Before listing your home, review the governing documents to see if they include provisions subjecting potential buyers to the association’s approval;
  2. If they do, check with the Association manager early on to see if there is a timeframe attached to the approval process, e.g., buyer must submit an application no later than 30 days prior to the transfer of property; and
  3. Apply early to give the association adequate time to process the application.

Following these steps will help minimize the risk of delays in your closing.


Photo credit: MarkMoz12 under Flickr Creative Commons License