8293998585_d02b699ef7_q.jpgNumber 1:  In case you missed it, there are a number of road improvement projects underway in Lee County.

Number 2:  To help you keep up with all of the Lee County Department of Transportation’s road projects, I will post updates under the title “Lee County Road Roundup.”

Number 3:  The Lee County Department of Transportation maintains a list of its current construction projects entitled “CIP Project Summary” on its website. “CIP” stands for Capital Improvement Plan.

Number 4:  For information about the specific work to be performed, and resulting closures, on certain projects, the Lee County Department of Transportation publishes the “RoadWatch Update” on its website. As the name “RoadWatch Update” suggests, the Lee County DOT post updates regularly.

Number 5:  Some of the Lee County DOT’s road projects require the acquisition of right-of-way from property owners. According to the CIP Project Summary, as of August 19, 2013, Lee County DOT needs to acquire right-of-way for the following projects:

  • Alico Road Multi-Laning
  • Bonita Beach Road – Phase III
  • Crystal Drive/Plantation Road Roundabout
  • Homestead Road Four Laning/Sunrise – Alabama
  • Ortiz Avenue/State Road 80 – Luckett Road
  • Ortiz Avenue Four Laning/Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. to Luckett Road
  • Three Oaks Parkway Extension, North

Take time to educate yourself about road projects that may affect you, especially if a portion of your property may be acquired for right-of-way. Stay tuned to our blog and look for updates to the “Lee County Road Roundup.”

Photo Courtesy of dno1967b on Flickr