bonita beach roadIf you’ve traveled on Bonita Beach Road, you know it’s been under some construction over the past couple of years. Well . . . the Bonita Beach Road widening project continues to move forward. Lee County DOT is designing the road widening plans for Phase III of the project. Phase III is two miles long and runs from Windsor Boulevard (west of US 41) to Old US 41 in Bonita Springs. The project will include widening the road to six lanes, adding on-road bike lanes, and sidewalks.

At this point, neither right-of-way acquisition, nor construction are funded. Right-of-way acquisition and construction are expected to take place roughly six to ten years from now. Although this is quite some time in the future, it’s important to start planning now, as right-of-way acquisition will affect existing businesses along either side of Bonita Beach Road in the Phase III area. Here’s a link to the right-of-way maps so you can determine whether you may be affected.

Stay tuned to our blog for further developments!