construction-money.jpgAs discussed in a previous blog on this topic, impact fee rates in Lee County continue to be a focus for many in the community. At its February 3rd meeting, the Board of County Commissioners (“BOCC”) adopted the proposed rate schedule which included a reduction in road impact fees coupled with a significant increase in school impact fees. After significant input from the community and discussion among the BOCC, Commissioner Kiker moved to adopt an increase in impact fees to 45% of the original rates to take effect March 16, 2015 upon the sunset of the current 80% reduction. The BOCC is now positioned to take a final vote on impact fee rates at its meeting on March 3, 2015 before the current reduction ordinance sunsets on March 13th.

Here are 3 ways you can get involved in this unquestionably important vote:

  • Catch up on all of the happenings related to impact fees and review any related studies, documents, ordinances or even review meeting videos at the county’s website here
  • Call or write the County Commissioners to express your opinion; you can locate your Commissioner by visiting the county map here and view contact information
  • Plan to attend the March 3rd meeting in BOCC Chambers to provide public input

As the Lee County real estate market continues to find its way, the issue of impact fees is unlikely to leave the forefront of economic debate anytime soon.