construction-money.jpgThe Lee County Board of County Commissioners (“BOCC”) is kicking off 2015 with substantial consideration of impact fees, with viewpoints expressed by stakeholders on both sides of the issue. At its January 6th meeting, the first of 2015, the BOCC voted to extend the change-of-use impact fee waiver for an additional two-year period. This temporary waiver is now set to expire December 31, 2016 per Resolution 15-01-01. At the following meeting, held on January 20th, the BOCC adopted Ordinance 15-02 which allows a six-month grace period for building permits, mobile home move-on permits, or recreational vehicle park development order applications submitted by March 13, 2015 to receive the current 20% reduced impact fee rate so long as the permit is also picked up by close of business on September 11, 2015.

At its next meeting, to be held February 3rd, the BOCC will once again consider the issue of impact fees for the most significant of these votes as the 20% reduction nears sunset. If the BOCC makes no decision regarding this reduction, the 20% reduction established in Ordinance 13-06 will sunset per its terms on March 13, 2015. This would mean impact fees would begin imposition at the full rate on Monday, March 16. The BOCC could also choose to establish a new reduced rate of collection. County staff have recently recommended a collection rate of 85% for roads impact fees as well as a revised impact fee schedule. If a change to the impact fee collection rate is determined, staff is expected to bring that item back to the BOCC for a final vote with ordinance adoption at the March 3rd meeting.

Given the importance of impact fees to our community, the discussion at the February 3rd BOCC meeting is guaranteed to be rich and likely passionate. Additional information with supporting documentation can be found on the Recent Impact Fee Considerations page of the county’s website.