Here are four things to know about the Lee County Department of Transportation’s proposed Alico Road widening project that runs from west of Ben Hill Griffin Parkway to east of Airport Haul Road. We learned these when we reviewed the Alico Road Alignment Study Report

Number 1: Right now, the average daily traffic on Alico Road in the area where the widening is proposed is roughly 2,600 vehicles per day (see map below, page 2 of the Alico Road Alignment Study Report). According to the Study, by the year 2035, the average daily traffic is projected to increase to “67,000 vehicles per day just east of Ben Hill Griffin Parkway and up to 33,000 vehicles per day east of Airport Haul Road.”

CAK 2013 September Alico Road Final Report - MAP.jpg

Number 2: Lee County DOT requires approximately 42 feet to 75 feet of right-of-way on the north side of Alico Road and 75 feet of right-of-way on the south side of Alico Road for the widening project.

Number 3: According to the Study, “The proposed project, as presently conceived, will not displace any residences, businesses or business signs within the community.”

Number 4: In the Study, Lee County DOT states, “The proposed right of way is anticipated to be acquired through land development impact fee agreements to be conducted in the design phase.”

In summary, at this point, it appears that:

  • traffic volume will grow significantly on Alico Road over the next 20 years; and
  • right-of-way acquisition may not involve the use of the County’s powers of eminent domain.

According to Lee County DOT, the preliminary design is complete and construction will take place in fiscal year 2015-2016. Stay tuned to our blog for further developments!